MRSA; Are You the Cause of the Spread of This Killer Disease?


Is MRSA infection contagious? It can spread from person to person in a variety of ways – but most often via skin to skin contact and especially via the hands. MRSA is a highly drug resistant variety of the very common staphylococcus aureus (SA) bacteria.

SA is found on the skin of over 30% of people and is believed to be carried by as many as 80% of people at some point in their lives. MRSA is rarer – 1.5% are thought to carry it, but in some populations this can be as high as 10% and it seems likely to grow.

SA can make you as ill as MRSA, but SA is easier to treat as more drugs are effective against it. The bacteria can survive for several months on surfaces and unlike viruses does not need a ‘host’ to survive. If you or a friend have MRSA you or they can be contagious in the following ways:

MRSA is often found in the nose but is also common around the armpits and groin area. We can shed bacteria from our skin onto any surface we touch. This may be of little impact unless we are already quite ill and stationary in which case the bacteria can become concentrated around us and potentially be picked up by those caring for us.

Infection Clouds
Those carrying MRSA in their noses can expel MRSA bacteria during colds,flu and other respiratory infections, mainly via sneezing. This can in turn cause contamination.

We may therefore therefore contaminate surfaces. When these are high touch surfaces such as door handles, computer keyboards and the like, the bacteria can transfer to people’s hands and then travel to other parts of their bodies or to the skin of others.

Household Contagion
Families may sometimes share household items such as combs, hairbrushes and towels. These are high touch items that can help spread infection.

Transient Carriers
Nurses, doctors or friends can become transient carriers. They may shed the bacteria later that day via washing or whatever but have carried it another patient or high touch surface. Other transient carriers can include family pets – these may be the source of reinfection in many families.

High touch activities
Contact sports and sexual activity involving nakedness can be often be another means via which MRSA (or SA) can be transmitted to the skin of another.

MRSA Contagious? What can you do?
Because SA and MRSA are so common it is impracticable to suggest that social distancing may protect a family or individual. Negative attitudes to MRSA positive people will not help them cope with their illness. The best responses to the possibility of MRSA contagion include a strong emphasis on hand hygiene as this is the most common way it moves between people. Washing hands 3-5 times a day and after contact with a known MRSA carrier will eradicate a large part of the risk.


You can buy organic meat only. this is the only way to ensure that MRSA is not in your diet because in order do obtain the “Organic” designation, the meat producer must be certified that they are NOT using antibiotics on their livestock.


When antibiotics are administered too often — whether to humans or to animals — a few strong bacteria survive and reproduce, giving rise to new generations of resistant organisms. The use of silver was tested against MRSA and staph in several studies and found to be effective. FDA-certified independent lab tests demonstrate that NutraSilver has zero toxicity to the human body, yet it is utterly lethal to the tested pathogens.

“Colloidal silver has proven to be toxic to all tested species of fungi, bacteria, protozoa, parasites and many viruses. More importantly—unlike conventional antibiotics—infectious agents cannot build a resistance to silver. Taken internally, it may improve digestion; help prevent colds, flu and all organism-caused diseases. It can be used as a douche, atomized, nebulized or inhaled. Applied externally, it has been shown to help with things such as skin abrasions and burns (including sun burn). It can also be dropped into the eyes and ears to help the body overcome infection.” — Kurt Grange, Ph.D., N.D., nutritional bio-physiologist and author
“My 4 year old daughter has MRSA. As an MD, I had access to virtually every MRSA/Staph treatment available to Western Medicine. Nothing worked. I applied NutraSilver, a natural mineral, on my daughter topically. She also took small amounts orally. Within 4 days I saw an impressive improvement. NutraSilver really came through for us!”— Mike, MD, 2010

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The War Against MRSA

MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) infects through an open wound and results in lesions and boils. It is resistant to conventional antibiotics, and if it gets into your system past skin, it can kill. In the United States 2.5 million (0.84% of population) carry MRSA, whereas worldwide up to 53 million are affected. A defining characteristic of MRSA is its ability to thrive in the presence of penicillin-like antibiotics, which normally prevent bacterial growth by inhibiting synthesis of cell wall material.

The leading medication against MRSA is linezolid by Pfizer (PFE). The cheapest price for Linezolid is $79.82 per pill that has to be taken twice a day orally for 14 days. That’s over $2,200 a patient just for the medication. Linezolid’s nearest competitor closest to clearing the clinical pipeline is tedizolid from the same family of antibiotics. Tedizolid is developed by Trius Therapeutics (TSRX), which has been working on it since 2004 at a total cost of $135M. Trius ranked number 42 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500, a ranking of the five hundred fastest growing companies in North America. Trius’ revenues grew 3,420 percent during the five year period ending 2011. Last year, Trius was ranked number 226 on the Fast 500 list (thus it was on this list two years in a row).

Tedizolid has already successfully completed one phase III trial for oral dosage, and is in the middle of its final phase III for intravenous treatment. The biggest advantage tedizolid has over Linezolid is that tedizolid is administered only once a day for 7 days. That’s a fourth of the number of pills and half the time needed for treatment compared to Linezolid. Thus, Trius can price tedizolid at $320 a pill (four times Linezolid at its cheapest) and still undercut Pfizer in outpatient costs.

That’s over $2,200 a patient just for the medication

Want an alternative that costs only $5/day instead of $79.85/day? One that works better, costs less and doesn’t do harm to your body and it’s immune system? Would you rather use a natural remedy rather than harmful pharmaceuticals?  We have just the answer for you, only ours is available now, does no harm to your body and absolutly decimate MRSA both topically and internally.

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Causes of MRSA Infections According to the CDC

Causes of MRSA Infections


How MRSA is Spread in the Community

MRSA infections, as with all staph, are usually spread by having contact with someone’s skin infection or personal items they have used, like towels, bandages, or razors that touched their infected skin. These infections are most likely to be spread in places where people are in close contact with others—for instance, schools and locker rooms where athletes might share razors or towels.

Factors that have been associated with the spread of MRSA skin infections include: close skin-to-skin contact, openings in the skin such as cuts or abrasions, contaminated items and surfaces, crowded living conditions, and poor hygiene. People may be more at risk in locations where these factors are common, including: athletic facilities, dormitories, military barracks, households, correctional facilities, and daycare centers.

Risks from Contaminated Surfaces

MRSA is found on people and not naturally found in the environment (e.g., soil, the ocean, lakes). MRSA could get on objects and surfaces outside the body if someone touches infected skin or certain areas of the body where these bacteria can live (like the nose) and then touches the object or surface. Another way that items can be contaminated with staph and MRSA is if they have direct contact with a person’s skin infection. Keeping skin infections covered with bandages is the best way to reduce the chance that surfaces will be contaminated with MRSA.

Even if surfaces have MRSA on them, this does not mean that you will definitely get an infection if you touch these surfaces. MRSA is most likely to cause problems when you have a cut or scrape that is not covered. That’s why it’s important to cover your cuts and open wounds with bandages. MRSA can also get into small openings in the skin, like the openings at hair follicles. The best defense is good hygiene. Keep your hands clean, use a barrier like clothing or towels between you and any surfaces you share with others (like gym equipment) and shower immediately after activities that involve direct skin contact with others. These are easy ways to decrease your risk of getting MRSA.

Hospitals and Healthcare Settings

Healthcare procedures can leave patients vulnerable to MRSA, which is typically spread in healthcare settings from patient to patient on unclean hands of healthcare personnel or through the improper use or reuse of equipment.

Hands may become contaminated with MRSA by contact with:

  • colonized or infected patients;
  • colonized or infected body sites of the personnel themselves; or
  • devices, items, or environmental surfaces contaminated with body fluids containing MRSA.

Appropriate hand hygiene such as washing with soap and water or using an alcohol-based hand rub can prevent the spread of MRSA.

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SHOCKING! Deadly MRSA Super Pathogen Now Contaminates 50% of U.S. Food Supply

Our food supply is in trouble

I’m going to get straight to the point. Infections caused by the flesh-eating MRSA super-pathogen (i.e., drug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), now kill more people annually in the U.S. than AIDS.

Indeed, according to, MRSA is now responsible for a whopping 94,000 life-threatening infections and 18,650 deaths each year in the U.S. alone.

But four bona fide clinical studies I’ll show you in just a moment demonstrate that safe, natural colloidal silver — the world’s most powerful natural antibiotic — literally decimates the MRSA pathogen!

What % of our food supply is contaminated?

Here’s the bad news: A brand new study published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases has demonstrated that an average of 50% of all the beef, chicken, pork and turkey bought in five U.S. cities and sampled by researchers were contaminated with the deadly MRSA pathogen. That’s up from only 14% MRSA contamination found in studies conducted last year.

In other words, the problem with MRSA-contaminated meats in our food supply is skyrocketing! But health authorities are keeping it under wraps out of fear people will quit buying meat and devastate another critical part of the economy.

According to medical journalist Leah Zerbe, earlier this year researchers tested 136 total samples (80 different brands) of ground beef, chicken, pork and turkey purchased from 26 retail grocery stores in five U.S. cities. The shocking results: Nearly 80% of the turkey, 42% of the pork, 41% of the chicken and 37% of the beef were contaminated with antibiotic-resistant staph, i.e., MRSA!

Colloidal Silver Decimates MRSA!

As I mentioned earlier, numerous clinical studies prove colloidal silver handily destroys the MRSA pathogen. So before I explain how you can keep an unlimited supply of colloidal silver on hand for just pennies, and let you hear from a number of real-life colloidal silver users who have healed their own deadly MRSA infections, let me summarize just four of these important clinical studies for you.

After all, with MRSA now infecting half the nation’s meat supply, it’s become critical for families like yours to understand how truly effective colloidal silver is against this insidious pathogen, as well as how to use colloidal silver to stop MRSA infections dead in their tracks:

Case #1: Brigham Young Clinical Study Proves Colloidal Silver Kills MRSA — In this study, conducted at Brigham Young University, and published in the journal Current Science, it was found that a number of the antibiotic drugs which formerly killed drug-resistant pathogens such as MRSA could actually be restored to full efficacy against the deadly pathogens, but only if a liquid solution of colloidal silver was used in conjunction with the drug! Since these antibiotic drugs had previously lost their effectiveness against the super-pathogens, this study clearly demonstrates that the silver was the deciding factor in the deaths of the deadly drug-resistant pathogens!

Case #2: Iranian Clinical Study Proves Silver Increases Effectiveness of Antibiotic Drugs Against Staph — This study was conducted by the Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Medical Nanotechnology Research Center at the University of Tehran, Iran, and published in the journal Nanomedicine. It demonstrated that the addition of silver to three specific antibiotics (vancomycin, amoxicillin and penicillin) almost magically renews their effectiveness against today’s most deadly pathogens, including MRSA!

Case #3: Taiwanese Clinical Study Proves Colloidal Silver By Itself Kills MRSA — This study was conducted by the Nanya Institute of Technology in Taiwan and published in the journal Colloids Surface B Biointerfaces. It demonstrated that colloidal silver kills both MRSA and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, another deadly and extremely opportunistic superbug. In this study, a special colloidal silver solution was tested on contact surfaces where the deadly pathogens are known to colonize, and from which they can spread to humans. The silver solution proved to be completely effective against both the MRSA and Pseudomonas super-pathogens!

Case #4: Czech Clinical Study Proves Silver Particles Kill MRSA — This study was conducted at the Department of Physical Chemistry at Palacky University in the Czech Republic, and published in the prestigious Journal of Physical Chemistry B. The study demonstrated that “…silver particles with a narrow size distribution with an average size of 25 nm showed high antimicrobial and bactericidal activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, including multi-resistant strains such MRSA.” The study further demonstrated that very low concentrations of silver could be utilized to destroy MRSA, as long as the silver particles were very small, averaging 25 nm.

Real-Life People Using Colloidal Silver Against MRSA!

The above clinical studies published in bona fide medical and science journals provide ample evidence that colloidal silver destroys the MRSA pathogen. And in just a moment, I’m going to tell you how to make all of the high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver you could ever need, quickly and easily, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, for just pennies, so you can help protect your family and friends against MRSA and other serious infections just like I do. Get colloidal silver today and protect yourself and your family.

MRSA 300, the Most Virulent Strain of MRSA is Spreading World-wide

MRSA Can ‘Morph’ into Pneumonia

A flesh-eating form of pneumonia that is easily passed between healthy people on public transport is spreading across the UK and Europe from the United States, experts have warned.

The deadly strain of MRSA called USA300 passes easily through skin-to-skin contact. It can also survive on surfaces and so has the potential to be picked up on crowded buses, taxis and airliners.

USA300 is resistant to treatment by several front-line antibiotics and can cause large boils on the skin. In severe cases, USA300 can lead to fatal blood poisoning or a form of pneumonia that can eat away at lung tissue.

‘These community-acquired strains seem to be good at affecting healthy people – they seem to be much better than the hospital ones at causing disease. ‘They don’t rely on healthcare workers moving them around, which the hospital ones seem to.’

MRSA Continues to Evolve to Avoid Antibiotics

In a new research paper published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, Dr Massey and colleagues analysis the way community-acquired MRSA’s are able to adapt and fine tune themselves to spread outside of hospitals.

MRSA bacteria in hospitals has not been able to migrate into the community in the same way.

‘The ability of the MRSA bacteria to secrete toxins is one of the main ways it causes disease.

‘Using a sensing system, it carefully controls when it switches on its ability to do this, so as not to cause disease until it is firmly established within the human.

‘Many antibiotics target the cell walls of harmful bacteria, and to resist this, the bacteria have to make changes to their cell wall.’

Community-acquired MRSA strains have cell walls that are different to those seen in hospitals, allowing them to sense their environment and switch toxin expression on at the right time.

Chris Thomas, professor of molecular genetics at the University of Birmingham, said: ‘The key message is that strains of MRSA that are spreading in the community are better able to infect the young and healthy, precisely because they are not actually trying so hard to be resistant as the bugs that have been encountered in hospitals for many years.’

He said there was now a ‘need to worry about community super bugs that are fine tuned to spreading outside of hospitals and we all need to be extra vigilant about hygiene and unnecessary use of antibiotics.’

MRSA300 Tested Against NutraSilver and Guess Who Won?

In recent FDA-certified independent in-vitro lab test conducted in the United States, 1.3 BILLION cells of MRSA300 were tested against one drop on NutraSilver. In 60 seconds, 99.9999% of the MRSA300 cells were destroyed. The scientist who conducted these test were amazed at the result; who wouldn’t be?

How Can This Be True?

NutraSilver has the ability to switch off an enzyme in the MRSA cells, and virtually all other pathogens as well, so the organism can not use oxygen.  The result? The organism suffocates and dies very quickly. If you have MRSA, we invite you to learn more about how this amazing natural mineral can help you eliminate your MRSA without harmful antibiotics and with virtually no side-effects.