MRSA; Are You the Cause of the Spread of This Killer Disease?


Is MRSA infection contagious? It can spread from person to person in a variety of ways – but most often via skin to skin contact and especially via the hands. MRSA is a highly drug resistant variety of the very common staphylococcus aureus (SA) bacteria.

SA is found on the skin of over 30% of people and is believed to be carried by as many as 80% of people at some point in their lives. MRSA is rarer – 1.5% are thought to carry it, but in some populations this can be as high as 10% and it seems likely to grow.

SA can make you as ill as MRSA, but SA is easier to treat as more drugs are effective against it. The bacteria can survive for several months on surfaces and unlike viruses does not need a ‘host’ to survive. If you or a friend have MRSA you or they can be contagious in the following ways:

MRSA is often found in the nose but is also common around the armpits and groin area. We can shed bacteria from our skin onto any surface we touch. This may be of little impact unless we are already quite ill and stationary in which case the bacteria can become concentrated around us and potentially be picked up by those caring for us.

Infection Clouds
Those carrying MRSA in their noses can expel MRSA bacteria during colds,flu and other respiratory infections, mainly via sneezing. This can in turn cause contamination.

We may therefore therefore contaminate surfaces. When these are high touch surfaces such as door handles, computer keyboards and the like, the bacteria can transfer to people’s hands and then travel to other parts of their bodies or to the skin of others.

Household Contagion
Families may sometimes share household items such as combs, hairbrushes and towels. These are high touch items that can help spread infection.

Transient Carriers
Nurses, doctors or friends can become transient carriers. They may shed the bacteria later that day via washing or whatever but have carried it another patient or high touch surface. Other transient carriers can include family pets – these may be the source of reinfection in many families.

High touch activities
Contact sports and sexual activity involving nakedness can be often be another means via which MRSA (or SA) can be transmitted to the skin of another.

MRSA Contagious? What can you do?
Because SA and MRSA are so common it is impracticable to suggest that social distancing may protect a family or individual. Negative attitudes to MRSA positive people will not help them cope with their illness. The best responses to the possibility of MRSA contagion include a strong emphasis on hand hygiene as this is the most common way it moves between people. Washing hands 3-5 times a day and after contact with a known MRSA carrier will eradicate a large part of the risk.


You can buy organic meat only. this is the only way to ensure that MRSA is not in your diet because in order do obtain the “Organic” designation, the meat producer must be certified that they are NOT using antibiotics on their livestock.


When antibiotics are administered too often — whether to humans or to animals — a few strong bacteria survive and reproduce, giving rise to new generations of resistant organisms. The use of silver was tested against MRSA and staph in several studies and found to be effective. FDA-certified independent lab tests demonstrate that NutraSilver has zero toxicity to the human body, yet it is utterly lethal to the tested pathogens.

“Colloidal silver has proven to be toxic to all tested species of fungi, bacteria, protozoa, parasites and many viruses. More importantly—unlike conventional antibiotics—infectious agents cannot build a resistance to silver. Taken internally, it may improve digestion; help prevent colds, flu and all organism-caused diseases. It can be used as a douche, atomized, nebulized or inhaled. Applied externally, it has been shown to help with things such as skin abrasions and burns (including sun burn). It can also be dropped into the eyes and ears to help the body overcome infection.” — Kurt Grange, Ph.D., N.D., nutritional bio-physiologist and author
“My 4 year old daughter has MRSA. As an MD, I had access to virtually every MRSA/Staph treatment available to Western Medicine. Nothing worked. I applied NutraSilver, a natural mineral, on my daughter topically. She also took small amounts orally. Within 4 days I saw an impressive improvement. NutraSilver really came through for us!”— Mike, MD, 2010

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Morgellons Disease Reversal

How long have you had Morgellons symptoms?

The answer really does not matter.  What matters is reversing them. We have found a way to eliminate your Morgellons symptoms in about 6 weeks using a natural mineral. What might you expect?

This is what you should expect:slideshow_fright-hand-2

Week One;

  • Your energy begins to return
  • Your brain-fog begins to evaporate
  • You can see better
  • You can think clearer
  • You see “debris’ leaving your body

Week Two;

  • If you have lesions, they begin to harden around the edges
  • The biting and scratching begins to subside
  • Your movement in your scalp starts to go away
  • You notice less fibers
  • The black specs disappear

week three;

  • Your lesions harden even further, some begin to fall off entirely
  • The biting and scratching is almost gone
  • Say good-bye to your depression
  • Your mood improves

Week Four;

  • Your lesions have mostly fallen off and do not return9.22.06-11
  • Your clarity of thought astounds you
  • Nearly all of your Morgellons symptoms are gone
  • You life is your own again
  • You feel like ‘you’ again

Is this a pipe-dream or is this real?

We have been helping Morgellons sufferers for over 5 years and those who stayed with the program and followed the instructions are mostly symptom-free now.  Once you obtain this level of relief, you seriously reduce how much NutraSilver you take to a minimum of about 15 drops, twice per day.

That’s it!  You are done!  Now it is time to return to your normal life without being accused by the medical profession of being delusional, without the feeling of hopelessness and without the debilitating brain-fog that stole your life.

Congratulations!  Your answer is here:

NutraSilver, in FDA-certified independent lab test has shown to kill every pathogens we have tested both quickly and safely. We are so sure that NutraSilver will reverse your Morgellons symptoms, we guarantee it for 60 days from the date we shipped it to you.  No questions asked.  Why doesn’t your Doctor of Pharmacist offer such a guarantee? You know the answer and so do we. End your Morgellons suffering now.  There is
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The Winner In The War Against MRSA Will Surprise You


The War Against MRSA

MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) infects through an open wound and results in lesions and boils. It is resistant to conventional antibiotics, and if it gets into your system past skin, it can kill. In the United States 2.5 million (0.84% of population) carry MRSA, whereas worldwide up to 53 million are affected. A defining characteristic of MRSA is its ability to thrive in the presence of penicillin-like antibiotics, which normally prevent bacterial growth by inhibiting synthesis of cell wall material.

The leading medication against MRSA is linezolid by Pfizer (PFE). The cheapest price for Linezolid is $79.82 per pill that has to be taken twice a day orally for 14 days. That’s over $2,200 a patient just for the medication. Linezolid’s nearest competitor closest to clearing the clinical pipeline is tedizolid from the same family of antibiotics. Tedizolid is developed by Trius Therapeutics (TSRX), which has been working on it since 2004 at a total cost of $135M. Trius ranked number 42 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500, a ranking of the five hundred fastest growing companies in North America. Trius’ revenues grew 3,420 percent during the five year period ending 2011. Last year, Trius was ranked number 226 on the Fast 500 list (thus it was on this list two years in a row).

Tedizolid has already successfully completed one phase III trial for oral dosage, and is in the middle of its final phase III for intravenous treatment. The biggest advantage tedizolid has over Linezolid is that tedizolid is administered only once a day for 7 days. That’s a fourth of the number of pills and half the time needed for treatment compared to Linezolid. Thus, Trius can price tedizolid at $320 a pill (four times Linezolid at its cheapest) and still undercut Pfizer in outpatient costs.

That’s over $2,200 a patient just for the medication

Want an alternative that costs only $5/day instead of $79.85/day? One that works better, costs less and doesn’t do harm to your body and it’s immune system? Would you rather use a natural remedy rather than harmful pharmaceuticals?  We have just the answer for you, only ours is available now, does no harm to your body and absolutly decimate MRSA both topically and internally.

FDA-certified independent lab tests prove it kills MRSA completely and very quickly

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Morgellons Fiber Specimens; An Indepth Look You Won’t Believe!

Morgellons Fiber Specimens


This portion of the page was compiled as a guide to the many varying types of Morgellons fiber specimens that I have found thus far. More detailed information is presented on some of the specimens in the Photo Journal and at other headings at the Morgellons Exposed website. Other researchers may have additional specimens to those I have discovered. This disease has variations from person to person.  There are many different kinds of fibers involved with Morgellons disease.  Each type has it’s own specific purpose.  This is why I have come to the conclusion that a complex system of wiring is taking place in human beings.  The chemtrails, tainted food, inoculations, and clothing fibers are an attempt to transhumanize us or to simply reduce our life span.  I believe it is both.  Take a good look at all of the different manifestations that are happening in the human body and consider the frightening possibilities.


Blue Fibers:


View 2 of




Blue ” golden head” fiber that revealed a payload when subjected to a 30 second butane flame


Blue round fiber that will not burn (pre burn) will become a “golden head” if subjected to butane flame for 30 sec.







Blue grooved fibers found with concave center have emptied their payload in the  body and are now empty “golden head” type fibers.  Casing is non burning but “golden head” will not form in burn since inner core is now empty.


Blue fibers encased in red glowing gel that will not burn but turn clear upon burning.  Different properties than “golden head” in photo #1







Burned Specimen from red gel encased blue fiber. Red gel falls away in strips blue fiber inside turns clear after burning.  Pigment is on the inside.


Red gel encased blue fiber.  Head appears upon 30 sec. butane burn but is not a “golden head” but dark brown.







Fibers containing bundles of clear fiber- optic wires. Casing unravel like a barber pole.


Thin, flat blue fibers will burn







Coarse blue fiber balled end and large, curved tube attached to other end. (recent find 2010)


Coarse blue fiber with balled end, burnable.







 Large curved tube fibers one end flared the other end closed. Recent find 2010


Cluster of blue, curved, tube fibers attached together at one end.







Blue prion-like folded fibers.


Inky blue cluster growing fibers, rare.

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Blue fiber with clubbed end. Rare.

Blue and clear fiber combination, with pigment on the inside, rare.


Colorless Fibers:






Clear, smooth fiber optic-type fibers found in bundles, small diameter.


Large diameter fiber optic-type wires as found in this Nano Communications Array.







Large Fiber optic-type tubes/wires that branch due to presence of red glowing gel on the outside .


Large flat clear fibers growing from red glowing gel.







Flat, bent, fibrotic strands are less clear fibers.  This piece is entirely made of entwined fibers that formed a solid-looking plaque.  Red gel is nearly always involved with the growth of all types of colorless fibers.


This is fibrotic fiber with other clear fibers and colored fibers  as found inside the mass in photo 8 below.  It looks to be the makings of a single organism. 200x







Each amoeba form has one clear antenna-type fiber.


 This pod-like material has a long clear flat tail-like projection.  60x







This cluster of of fibers came from a sore in my gum tissue.  I found these fiber stuck together in this mass.


I  pressed down on the fiber mass in the previous photo and it separated into these ridged fibers as seen here.







Multi fiber tissue in parallel rows from gums taken later from the same area of gums where I got material in photos 9 & 10 above.  Not really clear but iridescent.


The goo/gel itself makes it’s own self constructing fibers.  Many instances of fiber growth directly out of the goo.


Red Fibers:








Red glowing gel fiber mass.


Early find 1999 double red fiber with rounded end and single strand growth.







One time find 2001 red fiber cluster fibers did not burn. 


Red fiber from bundle in photo #3  burn tested for  30 seconds with butane flame.  Results did not burn, payloaded.







Red gel fiber with blue fiber growing inside.


Red gel fiber with ball at the end.







Red fibers attached to crust from top of lesion. Burnable flat fiber.  Frequently found as single strand with blue strand.


Red fibers in gel cluster with crust small red fibers .







Folded red fiber.


Half of a fiber pod containing red and other varieties of fibers.







Typical flat non glowing red fiber usually found alone. Burnable


Split end red gel fiber. 400x


All other Fibers:








Flat teal fiber.


Round Green fiber more recently found in past 2 years.







Teal round clubbed fiber.


Large teal fiberball.







Large round teal strand from inside of pod from  Michigan lady.


Copper colored metallic strand from Michigan woman.







This one time find I call a rainbow fiber. It is the only time I have seen the color yellow in any fiber except for the one  in next photo, #8 which only has a tiny amount.


This fiber is also unique and has multiple colors on it.







This huge glassy fiber was found on the scalp of a Texas lady.


I call this specimen a “sprite”.  It is comprised of red glowing gel and fibers that surround a lesion below the healthy tissue nearby.  When the lesion is threatened these sprites turn into new secondary lesions.  Several sprites can surround one lesion.


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Researcher Blue found this fiber drawing in blood on a slide he made. 


The Blue Circles that you see on this plaque are actually blue fibers formed into a circle.  I removed the circle at the bottom and found this out.







This fiber is the circular piece of tissue that is embedded in the perimeter of lesions.  I have removed many of these rings in one piece.  This ring 7/2010


Circular fiber from perimeter of lesion is thick and tough. This fiber was sent to a researcher in 3/2007 and was lab scanned for Project FMM . See readout here.







Part 1: I have named these fibers tubules.  There are specific parts of this fiber system.   The piece in the center is a tubule cocoon type of formation.  60x


Part 2: Each tubule system is composed of 4 parts. The tubules are like flexible sausage casings and look as if they contain fluid. 200x







Part 3: This is the woven tubule device.  I believe that it has a purpose but I am not sure what it does. 200x


Part 4: Tubule connector looks like a main hub where several of the tubule configurations originate possibly from inside of cocoon. 200x







This tubule configuration is a blue/violet color. Tubule cocoon is in the center.


Tubule colors vary from purple to violet to pink/red. 







Woven tubule devices  also vary in color and match the tubules that accompany them 60x


I have found other purple and pink fibers which are usually wrapped around crusts or other fibers. These are flat and irregular and look to be deflated tubules.







The purple and pink fibers appear to be wrapping around other fibers on the outside.


Pink fiber wrapped around sugar snakes.







Fiber strand containing eggs (possibly lab created insects) from other researchers.


Glittery fiber with tail. Unknown donor.







This is the large hexagon with tissue attached with a clear fiber containing smaller hexagons surrounding it.  For more of the details go HERE photo from lady in Michigan


Close-up of hexagon fiber. There are actually 2 hexagons in this fiber. There is a tiny start of one to the right of the larger one.  Hexagons grow in clear fibers.







Large Hexagon growing inside a clear fiber from Ruth in CA.


This is a multicolored  fiberball from the inside of a pod. Half of the pod is shown.  To learn more go HERE from Michigan lady. 







This is a developing pod with fibers and small dots of multiple color that will become fibers when mature. This is how fiberballs form.  Specimen from Michigan lady.


Black round fibers.  Black fibers are infrequent for me but others have them often.







This is a blue nanowire fiber growing within another fiber.  Photo on the left is from my body.   Learn more HERE


Polysaccharide strands (“sugar snakes”) with motility. This is a cluster of them without crystals on the outside







Sugar snakes start off with clear crystals on the outside that drop off as they move through the body. Lab tested at SUNY and found to be a polysaccharide.


Half of the crystals have fallen off this sugar snake to reveal the wormy pattern and smaller diameter beneath the crystals.  Learn much more HERE

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Here is big, rough textured black speck but that is not the whole story. I soaked this clump in peroxide and then in the solvent DMSO. It separated into fibers 60x


Here is what was in this black cluster. This was one of many big chunks of fibers stuck together.200x







I broke one of the larger pieces into many more smaller fibers. There would have been hundreds of them in all from this one black speck. 200x


Beneath all of the fibers was this piece of rubbery goo material with fibers stuck to the outside of it and tiny fibers within.  These fibers were a new unknown type  7/2010

How Has Your Previous Morgellons Treatments Gone?

When you think of the word “treatment” or “cure” or “remedy”, those words may be loaded with emotion for you because you’ve wanted one so badly that finding an effective Morgellons treatment consumes your thoughts.

But you don’t want to just ease the pain, you want to get better and be rid of Morgellons.

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  • Creates a healing environment so that lesions can dry up and fall off naturally.
  • Passes the blood-brain barrier to help clear up your brain fog and cognitive struggles (usually within the first week or so).
  • Produces an environment that parasites can’t stand and won’t come back to.

Years of real results and heart warming stories of people achieving freedom from this tyrant disease is what NutraSilver is all about. This company started 6 years ago because it was discovered to work to remedy Morgellons symptoms.

Morgellons Photos; Bizarre Beyond Belief!

Morgellons Photos 

Akin to cancer, Morgellons has no regard for ones life

I’ve tried everything possible these last 6 years to try and defeat this disease. But all it’s brought me is useless searching… and a financial drain as well. At this point, I’ve been unable to find anything to even help relieve the symptoms. Morgellons has taken all I ever knew life to be and turned it into a living hell. It also took the lives of my sweet dogs, and my heart will never stop hurting for that reason alone. It’s taken my body and allowed my mind to leave me feeling all alone in a thick fog… and it dares me to try to find my way home. It’s also brought me to have feelings of such regret knowing now that I’d never even realized how good life once was.

Where is GOD?

It quickly attacked my faith as well, and any hope that someone somewhere would find the answers so a cure might be found… or a way found for the body to reject it. But there still are no answers… so it remains on it’s path of destruction as it continues to invade my body and my environment. It also tries to invade my soul… but at least I have God to protect me from it ever being able to take that from me.  

The “sci-fi” properties Morgellons holds seem to be one of its deadliest weapons. It’s a disease one would never imagine could even exist in our world. It also has the ability to mimic, self assemble, replicate, and hide itself to where the body’s own immune system is never sent a signal to attack it. The only attack that takes place is one that only heightens the fear and loneliness you’re already feeling… an attack brought on by the mere telling of its symptoms.

Reach out for help and get slapped

To reach out for help requires an explanation … but instead of listening with any amount of compassion, you’re attacked and judged about your state of mind. Talking about Morgellons to anyone who’s not experiencing it will only give them reason to believe you’ve gone insane… which fills you with even more fear and emptiness inside. Then there are those in the medical field you once trusted would help you. Not only will they not even bother to examine or test you… they step back and immediately give you a diagnosis of delusional. Again… you feel as though you’re a frightened child trying to wake from a nightmare. But instead, the nightmare doesn’t end… you’ve been locked in a dark room and left there to find ways to survive the disease on your own. At least my family has never questioned my sanity… and I thank God for that too. They’ve supported me and fought for me all the way. But it was when I found others who are suffering this disease that gave me the strength and courage to go on.

It was the beautiful people at the support group I found who understood and knew what this disease does to one’s life. They gave me the validation I so desperately needed… I knew I wasn’t alone anymore. I could talk openly about what was happening to me without the fear of being judged as a mental case. No matter how bizarre the symptom, they understood every single word I said. It didn’t even matter if they were suffering terribly on any given day… they were always there for me. They became my lifeline then and they still are today.

As far as my old friends go, I lost most of them due to Morgellons

Friends who decided I’d lost my mind instead of believing I was suffering a disease. After experiencing that, I never expected I’d end up making new ones. But I did through my support group… and they’ve become some of the most beautiful friends I’ve ever known. Even though each one is fighting for their life, their hearts have remained full of love and compassion. Because of them, I was also finally able to let go of the need I had for my long time friends to believe what I’m experiencing is real. It was the support I needed and found elsewhere that finally made me realize how difficult it must be for those who haven’t been afflicted to be able to grasp onto something so bizarre… and to believe it’s real. I think most people would have to experience this disease first hand to be convinced it is indeed very real. Even though I live it day in and day out myself, it’s still hard for me to believe it is. But it is… the Morgellons nightmare is very very real.

I thank God every day for leading me to my support group. To friends He knew would give me the love and support I’d need to get through this ordeal. I also pray for each of us to find the strength within to go on and that a cure be found soon. I pray for the ones who couldn’t bear the pain any longer too… their lives gone forever, taken by suicide.

Every Morgie has allowed suicide to enter their mind at one point or another… including myself

The general public hasn’t been informed about what it’s effects are, other than it produces skin lesions, “fibers”, and causes biting and crawling sensations. But there’s so much more that needs to be told to understand the horrific effects of it on the body… and mind. To understand why it’s brought some of its victims to suicide…

Morgellons produces electricity… giving you more than the normal amount the human body holds. At times you feel like high voltage wires are shooting through every nerve ending in your body. To see actual sparks in your skin (or as I do, see them emit thru the tips of my fingers when I strike the keys on my keyboard) and to feel electrifying jolts of pain throughout your body, doesn’t even begin to describe Morgellons.

The fiber strands feel like a metal corkscrew with an electrical charge twisting in and out of your skin

Once they become embedded and adhere beneath the skins surface, they begin to elongate and connect… and the building of a network (much like a fungal network) begins, which eventually covers your body.

In my case, it all began in my scalp and is now systemic throughout my body. Once Morgellons infects the hair follicles, the shaft becomes dead and hollow. It then uses the hair as a transport and “holding tank” for its particles, leaving you with what’s known as “pseudo hair.” Hair you now feel crawling in and out of your scalp that also stands up on its own accord and begins to dance in the air like a cobra snake. The transparent strands living inside the hair shaft and throughout the skin are much like spider silk… yet even stronger. Not only do they live within the hair shaft, they connect and move thru your body in rivers… it feels as though hundreds of electrical wires are burning their way under the skin to your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and all the way down to your toes. You feel it winding its way thru your body and also feel it’s piercing sting when it surfaces from beneath the skin… only to release its particles on you and into your environment again before retracting back beneath the skin.

Morgellons also emits a gel

With me it’s been cycling 3 weeks out of the month now. It begins to ooze from my hands and feet and it’s nearly impossible to remove from the skin once it does. So it transfers to everything I’ve had to touch just trying to slow it down. Then I go back to clean it off the things I’d transferred it to (which have now become a sticky glue-like mess too) which only creates the problem again. To explain it better… holding an object to clean it requires putting a small amount of pressure on your hands… and a small amount of pressure is all it takes for the gel to react and ooze from my hands once again. So it also turns simple cleaning tasks into a mere back and fourth hell that sometimes takes up an entire day. I believe this Morg gel also produces the particles and has the properties to elongate into the sticky web-like strands… much like how the gel a spider emits is used to create it’s own spider silk. It makes sense to me since the gel from my hands and feet does that very same thing. In fact looking under the scope, some of the Morgellons strands are a match with bio-engineered spider silk. Just my opinion.

I was finally able to see the one elusive fiber strand I’ve not yet been able to see only 2 weeks ago. It took (a lot of perseverance) and one very exact angle the specimen had to be held at, and for the sunlight (not regular lighting) to hit it just right for it to even come into view. Maybe that’s why it’s been so hard to find. Some of you reading this will more than likely tend to think I’m just some loony lady, but I’m not. As I said, this is all just as difficult for me to believe as it is for you, even though I live it day in and day out. The strand looked as though it was made up of the same material inside of the “etch-a-sketch” games we played with as kids. It looked magnetic, and frantically frayed, with what looked like volts of electricity pulsing thru it at a very fast rate. It shot the tiny particles out it’s entire length with enough power to create tiny sparks. It’s taken me 6 years to find it… the one strand I felt is behind the contamination factor of Morgellons. I’ve searched for it since year 3 of my 6 year fight. Course, finally seeing it with my own eyes makes me wish I’d never even begun my search.

Those of us with this disease have learned so much about it… but only because it was an unknown disease. So we’ve had no other choice being we were pretty much (and still are) on our own to try and find any kind of remedy we could to ease the horrific symptoms. It brings me to tears knowing all we’ve learned though. The reason being, is we can’t seem to get much response from those who could help to even listen to what we have to say. There’s no doubt in my mind that all of the research done by those of us who suffer would be a tremendous benefit to the ones who could help our situation. So we keep hoping and continue to convey all we’ve learned to make that happen.

Why it infects some and not others is still one of many questions

Although along with others, I believe the Morgellons contaminate began in the environment… and how I became infected by it. Once I became infected though, it also spread easily from me right into my own living environment as well. It also transferred to my car, and my precious dogs whose lives it eventually took. I can show you how easy it was for the contamination to spread from me into my own living space as well… especially via its gel-like substance. 

I was looking at a sample under my scope one day, when a drop of the gel Morgellons emits thru the skin had oozed from my finger, landing on the scope’s base…


It quickly permeated the base and adhered to it faster than I could remove it. So I felt the opportunity had been presented for me to research what it might bring. I left the scope completely alone, only to look thru it from time to time to see what the gel might produce. It began growing a network of tubes and fibers. I captured the growth by photographing it in weekly intervals. I won’t post them all here as my story is long enough as it is. But from the picture of the gel that oozed from my finger above, this was the first of what began to occur…

An even longer story short;

The growth eventually lifted from the base… although the initial drop of gel from my finger remained. Being it had permeated the base initially (and with no additional help from me) the process began to repeat itself for a second time. Within the same 2-3 month period of time, the base was completely covered in a network of fiber strands all over again. Same growth, different pattern the second time…
Once this second growth lifted, there were even more areas of gel permeated into the scope base. I finally sent the scope to a Morgellons researcher and was told it seems to be mutating once again for a third time.

In the 6 years I’ve had this disease, I’ve helplessly watched it consume my environment as well as me

It surrounds me now as though I’m wrapped in a cocoon which there doesn’t seem to be a way for me to even try to escape from anymore.

Myself and other Morgies have also removed “chips” that look much like an RFID tracking device from our bodies. The chip I removed from my arm looked like a tiny spec of glitter, not much larger than the period at the end of this sentence. It had the ability not only to change in color, but in structure as well…



It began to change in color…
and then began to change in structure as well…

Then something suddenly began to emerge from within the chip itself…

The chip eventually returned back to its initial state and is finally being sent to a lab for analysis and identification.
Morgellons also causes confusion, an inability to concentrate, and effects one’s motor functions, hearing and vision. Speaking of vision, it’s becoming more and more difficult for me to see how and if I’ll be able to endure the nightmare.

As I said, destroying my body and all I’ve ever known life to be isn’t where Morgellons stops. It’s invasion and contamination continues on in my environment. It’s in my clothes, my car, and everything in my home… down to my toothbrush and even my dishes and silverware. I continue to see it, feel it, and experience the hell it’s causing everywhere I go. It’s taken me and all that I knew and loved about life, and turned it into a lonely, confusing and painful world. My energy and strength have been so compromised that I’m left a tired, beaten down woman today.

In the last 6 years that I’ve had Morgellons, myself along with fellow sufferers have had no choice but to learn all we could through our own research. We’ve also sent letters to senators, congress, health departments, and the like, to bring it the attention it must be given. We’ve made a lot of strides… and we have indeed learned a lot. Yet we still haven’t found an answer.

I know the telling of life with Morgellons hasn’t been a fairy tale for you to read… and isn’t one. But in one respect, I have gained something important while living inside the nightmare. 
When a disease as bizarre as this turns your life into a lonely living hell, with no means of escape… you begin to learn much more than what you’re trying to learn about the disease itself to try and survive it.

Having this disease soon taught me how very precious life really is

I learned even more about the meaning of love and that our hearts should always be filled with that love. I learned enough to know if the day ever comes with the answer that will put this nightmare to an end, and enable me to live life again… I will live it without taking one second for granted. I’ll take the time to enjoy and embrace each and every moment I’ve been given. I will love purely in each and every one of those moments… and give what I have to those who need it more. I’ll share laughter and joy and never complain… and do all I can to bring peace to those who are suffering. 
I can only hope and pray now for what once was life again… to be free of this nightmare and live it once more with all that I’ve learned.
As one of my dear Morgie friends always says…
love and light to all

You Have So Much to Look Forward To

It takes just a few weeks to put this nightmare behind you so you don’t have to think about it anymore and you can go on with your life.

In just a few weeks from now you’ll be able…

  • Be confident and be yourself again.
  • Get your full energy back, more than ever.
  • Have clarity of thought and peace of mind.
  • Enjoy your favorite hobbies again.
  • Be able to go to work and produce results in life.
  • Wear a bathing suit in public without embarrassment.
  • Sleep well and be fully rested in the morning.
  • Avoid those awkward conversations explaining Morgellons.
  • Put Morgellons and all the baggage behind you for good.

This may have been a long road for you to get to this point where you’re actually learning about a Morgellons treatment that is proven to work… it’s worked for thousands of people in 48 countries from all over the world and it will work for you, I guarantee it.