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the CareMan

For over 10 years now the CareMan has been writing  blogs to provide helpful, useful information and views that will lead you back to great health. The CareMan has chosen to focus on various ailments such as Morgellons, that seem to have modern medicine baffled as to how to help you out of the pharmaceutical drug quagmire of serious side-effects and occasionally death from those side-effects.

CareMan’s focus is on natural health using materials from our Earth to bring you the relief you deserve from raving diseases. I have no interest in your money as does the medical profession. Money may make the world go around, but it certainly can not contribute to your overall health as does nature and natural healing.

CareMan invites you to visit my blog from time to time so that you may learn new and interesting ways of healing yourself and how you view general health. We humans have been blessed with natural remedies and I have found one that has been used for thousands of years without physical harm to your body.

CareMan welcomes your comments and hope to learn from you as I hope you gain from spending your valuable time reading my blog. Below are certain areas of interests that you may wish to read about. My promise to you is that I will do my very best to keep you informed of new and exciting ways to regain your health.

At the end of each blog, The CareMan welcomes your comments, ideas and suggestions. I am the CareMan and I really do care about you.